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Shed or Dead is your resource for Buying or Selling Mule Deer, Moose, or Elk shed antlers. 

We have everything from small to medium drops for crafting, to large singles, sets, and racks for personal collections.  

We buy any and all antlers and racks in Colorado and will pick up if necessary.  We also consign antlers.

Check our Antler Grading/Scoring page for Price Estimates.  Price is always negotiable for large sets and racks.  Quotes upon request for large trophy Racks and Antlers.
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If you have antlers to sell - we buy by the pound, graded by quality.  Trophy racks will need to be viewed in person, since the quality and size can make a big difference in the value of your antlers.   Click on our Price List below to see the rate per pound that we pay for deer, elk, caribou and moose antlers.

We will give you a quote of the approximate value of your antlers or you can consign them with us to sell for you. Give us a call for details.
Call Curt Armbruster for a free quote 970-846-9132 or email at
Price List for Selling Your Antlers
Deer and Elk Antlers....We Buy, Sell and Consign
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Buy single antlers or sets from Shed or Dead for crafting furniture and other unique items.  We also have bear skulls for that rustic touch.

We sell mounts of bear, deer and elk, ready to display and proudly hang on your wall. 

We sell other accessories and services for your game heads too.  Call or Email us today!  Curt 970-846-9132.
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Beetle Skull Cleaning
Shed or Dead Skull Cleaning Service:

Dermestid beetles clean your skulls by consuming flesh from deceased animals. Many beetle species are native to North America and have the ability to crawl throughout the skull and remove meat that would not be able to be removed by the traditional boiling methods. 

Museum quality results!